Unlock Incredible Energy with These Ayurvedic Tips 

Written By  Aquib Nawab, BBA

Medically Reviewed By  Dr. Sandeep Madaan, MD (Ayurveda)


Embark on a journey to discover Ayurvedic secrets that unlock incredible energy and vitality in your life. Explore a harmonious fusion of time-honoured practices and modern well-being in the pursuit of optimal holistic wellness. 

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1. Prioritise a Balanced Sleep Routine 

Balanced sleep is essential for maintaining ojas and enhancing vitality. It plays a pivotal role in tissue repair, rejuvenation, and efficient removal of metabolic wastes and toxins. 

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2. Consider a Period of Rejuvenation  

Ayurvedic rejuvenation, or rasayana, to nourish yourself deeply on all levels. This practice involves cleansing, dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and the use of rejuvenative herbs to build and protect ojas. 

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3. Support Ojas By Tending to Your Immune Health 

Strengthen your ojas by focusing on your immune health. Embrace supportive herbs, nourishing foods, and positive lifestyle choices that work in harmony to enhance both your immunity and ojas. 

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4. Support the Heart Center 

Nurture ojas by paying attention to the heart centre. With a deep connection between ojas, the mind, and the heart, learn techniques to nourish and safeguard this vital energy. 

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5. Eat for Your Dosha 

The balance your body seeks by eating according to your dosha. Your prakriti and vikriti guide you to tailor your diet towards balancing vata, pitta, kapha, or a combination. 

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6. Give Your Meals Your Full Attention 

Eating is a sacred act in Ayurveda. Create a serene atmosphere, free from distractions, to fully engage in the experience of nourishing yourself. 

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7. Enjoy Your Food 

Slow down and savour your food. Chew thoroughly and appreciate the textures and flavours, promoting better digestion and a mindful connection with your meals. 

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8. Eat When You’re Hungry 

Respect your body's signals and maintain proper meal spacing. Make lunch your main meal and avoid eating during times of emotional turmoil. 

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9. Don’t Overeat 

Listen to your body's cues and avoid overeating. Stop eating before feeling full to support digestion and prevent discomfort. 

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10. Consider a Cleanse  

Reset your agni through an Ayurvedic cleanse. By providing your body a break from potential toxins, you allow it to detox, repair, and rejuvenate, enhancing your overall vitality. 

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11. Yoga 

Integrate yoga to unlock energy pathways. Tailor your practice to your dosha's needs, whether through heating flows like Sun Salutations or cooling ones like Moon Salutations. 

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12. Pranayama 

Elevate your energy with pranayama. Restore fluidity and vitality in your body's subtle energy channels. Start with Full Yogic Breath and gradually explore Nadi Shodhana pranayama. 

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