Can Ayurveda Cure Your Insomnia? Find Out Now 

Written By  Aquib Nawab, BBA

Medically Reviewed By  Dr. Sandeep Madaan, MD (Ayurveda)


Welcome to our webstory where we explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and its potential to alleviate insomnia. Discover the holistic approach to achieving a restful sleep. 

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1. The Importance of Sleep Schedule 

Maintain a disciplined sleep schedule for optimal results. Sleep early and wake up early to ensure a full night's rest. The hours from 6 pm to 10 pm are ideal for stable and high-quality sleep. 

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2. Mindful Eating for Better Sleep 

Practise mindful eating by having dinner between 6.30 to 7 pm. Opt for light and early meals to support digestion, which enhances sleep quality. Avoid distractions like reading, TV, or conversations while eating. 

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3. The Therapeutic Power of Oil Massage 

Focus on foot massages to nourish nerve endings. Oil massage reduces stress, induces relaxation, and improves blood circulation, contributing to better sleep. 

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4. Harnessing Breath with Pranayama 

Engage in alternate nostril breathing or Naadi Shodhana Pranayama regularly. This practice calms the mind and nervous system, leading to profound and restorative sleep. 

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5. Cultivating Self-Compassion 

Maintain a positive environment by avoiding negativity before sleep. Disconnect from digital devices at least two hours before bedtime to promote a peaceful mind. 

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6. Exercise for Physical and Mental Well-being 

Active lifestyles combat sleep disorders and stress. Remember to avoid stimulants during the evening to preserve sleep quality. 

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7. Brahmi 

A potent brain tonic. Enjoy peaceful sleep and enhanced mental function with regular use. Embrace Brahmi as a holistic approach to well-being. 

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8. Vacha 

An Ayurvedic remedy for various ailments, including insomnia. Pair it with Brahmi for improved sleep quality and overall health. Vacha contributes to a balanced and rejuvenated state. 

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9. Ashwagandha 

An overall tonic for vitality and longevity. Enhance coordination between the mind and senses, promoting better sleep. Include Ashwagandha in your routine for enhanced well-being. 

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10. Jatamansi 

An herb that increases neurotransmitter levels. With sedative and antidepressant properties, it effectively combats sleep disorders and neurosis. Jatamansi supports restful and rejuvenating sleep. 

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